/Agriculture can reshape the Bangladesh economy

Agriculture can reshape the Bangladesh economy

Bangladeshi farmers now produce an ever-growing Quantity of fruits, greens, meat and seafood, to fulfill rising demand from a burgeoning Bangladeshi center class. Can they succeed Inside the export markets?

Bangladesh’s earnings from agricultural exports are a fraction of the $10 billion earned by Vietnam, or the $40 billion earned by India. For Bangladeshi farmers, The Key’s institutions that assist the farmer, with inputs, teaching and information. Specificity Signifies that a lot of the information useful to farmers in Bangladesh Want to be gathered in Bangladesh. This area particular information is the objective of scientists and bureaucrats On the nation’s evaluation labs.

Based mostly on dhakatribune.com¸ area-particular know-how Similar to strawberries Which will flourish in Rajshahi, comes not from native farmers or overseas suppliers, however from the labs at Dhaka College, Rajshahi College, Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, and the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute.