Cuban agriculture seeks greater biological pest control


Havana, Jul 5 (Prensa Latina) Cuban agriculture is presently looking for a greater organic pet administration By way of the use of merchandise and brokers, a supply said.

Using these merchandise and brokers permits To maintain A constructive stability in agroecosystems, said Yordano Alambares, professional in Plant Safety Coverage, from the Agriculture Ministry´s Plant Well being Division.

In dialog with Prensa Latina, Alambares additionally Recognized that organic administration brokers are divided into a quantity of teams Similar to: entomopathogenic fungi, antagonist fungi, entomopathogenic micro organism, viruses, entomopathogenic nematodes, parasitoids and predators.

Amongst manufacturing and use advantages Of these means are that they recurrent pure organisms not dangerous to the environment.

Alambares highlighted that the use Of these merchandise and brokers current sovereignty and meals safety, since healthful and chemical-free crops are obtained.

As a Outcome of of this, They’re thought-about as pure merchandise, having A greater worth Inside the worldwide market.

This exercise performs a key position Inside the constructed-in pest administration and in response to the deficit of chemical pesticides, which Cuba can’t buy, basically As a Outcome of of financial, enterprise and monetary US blockade, Alambares careworn.

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