/Department of Agriculture Resources warning residents of invasive pests

Department of Agriculture Resources warning residents of invasive pests

MASSACHUSETTS (WWLP) — The Massachusetts Division of Agricultural Assets is alerting residents of an invasive pest that feeds on the leaves of areawood shrubs.

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These invasive pests have been launched into nurseries from Canadian areawood crops that have been probably infested with area tree moths. Now It is rather important notice that state and federal look ators Have not found any indicators of area tree moths in nurseries Inside the Commonwealth, however They’ve been located in Connecticut.

The rationale for alerting The general public is that look ations Of these crops started after A pair of of them have been purchased.

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Natasha Wright from Braman Termite and Pest Elimination says, “The moth itself does no damage, However it’s going To place eggs on the undersides of these leaves. There are going to be little clusters of eggs. Those eggs will hatch out to the caterpillar stage. The caterpillars will utterly deflate the areawood crops.”

State officers request that residents look at their areawood shrubs for indicators of the moth, and report any findings on-line or by telephone at (617) 626-1779.

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When look ating your areawood shrubs, Search for All of the life levels of this pest: eggs, caterpillars, pupae, and adults. Eggs are typically laid in gelatinous lots on the underside of areawood leaves, however May even be laid singly. The caterpillars have a yellow stripe that goes down their again, and the moths can have white and brown wings.

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