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On July 19, I had The prospect to testify to a congressional committee Regarding the challenges and alternatives dealing with household farmers like me. Under is a barely condensed mannequin of what I said.

We develop corn, soybeans, and hay Collectively with a cow/calf operation in north Missouri.

I returned to our farm By way of the ’80s farm disaster. Little did I do know, one other disaster was unfolding and Is fixed To understand power right now — the proliferation Of huge-scale, industrial focusd animal feeding operations.

From the place I stand in my 38 years of farming: Industrial agriculture nutrient air pollution (Similar to nitrogen and phosphorus) is developing As a Outcome of of runoff and leaching of animal manure and fertilizer from fields, and CAFOs are escalating, posing environmental menaces to rural communities, our metropolis neighbors and even the Gulf of Mexico.

There’s much less topsoil, extra carbon Inside the air and extra agriculture-associated greenhouse gasoline emissions than yesterday. General methane emissions have declined since 1990, however agriculture-associated methane emissions have risen — a 71% enhance. The Environmental Safety Agency ties this progress of methane and nitrous oxide emissions to hog and dairy manufacturing unit farms.

The delicate CAFO enterprise Is very Counting on Low price feed and avoiding environmental legal guidelines — pushing farmers, animals and the Earth to their limits. Current state assessments current a laundry itemizing of water our bodies impaired with micro organism, nitrates and phosphates.

We enhance cattle, I grew up elevating hogs — I understand What’s involved elevating animals for meals. But what firms do is completely different than what we do on our farm. Buildings The measurement of soccer fields focus hundreds or tens of hundreds of animals and create huge portions of manure, in portions equal to cities … placing floor and groundwater Weak to contamination.

We’d like Simpler CAFO legal guidelines to counter this huge environmental influence. It’s previous time To handle their waste and air air pollution. Let’s convey nitrogen and phosphorus inputs Based mostly on crop wants, An straightforward Method To reinforce water extreme quality. Let’s cease overapplying manure and fertilizer — much less extra To wash away. In 2016, EPA recognized phosphate and nitrogen farm runoff as a critical menace to The overall public’s well being.

In 1997, my county enacted An space well being ordinance To regulate CAFOs. The ordinance Did not an CAFOs however was stronger than state legal guidelines. But 20 Missouri well being ordinances fell sufferer to intense lobbying from company agriculture in 2019, one other domino to fall in a collection of legal guidelines to decontrol the enterprise.

We have been taking An Low price strategy, Neverthemuch less the assault on “native administration” takes that system away. And our state authorities, commandeered by company ag, has eroded state shieldions and legal guidelines on CAFOs To close the EPA baseline. Weakening state guidelines are described as “coming Based mostly on federal legal guidelines.”

Shortly after, we resisted A ten,500-head industrial sow CAFO proposed shut to the 6,000-acre Poosey Conservation Area. We knew the influence It Might have on the neighborhood Dealing with air and water air pollution, well being factors, flies, noise and truck visitors, plus the burden on our deteriorating extremeways and county roads, And finally, the potential harm to the conservation space, An important public land/pure resupply vacation spot for recreation. This was not alternative knocking.

This CAFO was going To current feeder pigs for JBS — the Brazilian multinational and hugest meatpacker On the earth. How would JBS be held accoundesk? Different Missouri communities Deal with air pollution factors from industrial CAFOs run by China-owned Smithfield. China and Brazil get the pork, we get the manure and environmental factors.

The permit was withdrawn, for now. But Missouri Is set To current minimal shieldions. Currently, our Missouri Division of Natural Resupplys eliminated “perched water desk” from the definition of groundwater. Shpermit groundwater had been discowled on the aforementioned proposed CAFO website. Typically, perched groundwater is our solely supply of groundwater That is pretty out there. Curiously, the definition change applies to CAFOs, not other industries, Similar to landfills and mines.

Federal legal guidelines of CAFOs are weak. The EPA doesn’t have legal guidelines in place To shield us from CAFOs nor the political will To enhance them. But EPA is our final line of protection.

In the meantime, the U.S. Division of Agriculture funds CAFOs to pay for manure lagoons, animal mortality amenities and manure administration. Why is USDA underwriting air pollution with conservation dollars? Let’s direct A a lot hugeger proportion of USDA dollars in the direction of small and midmeasurement household farms looking for to implement cowl crops, sustainable livestock practices, farmers promoting On to consumers, metropolis ag tasks, and neighborhood kitchen and grocery initiatives. Let’s fund resupplyful farming and meals initiatives that contrihowevere to The overall public good.

Doug Doughty is a cattle and grain farmer in Livingston County, Missouri.


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