EPA Move to Rewrite Water Rule Risks Removing Clarity for Agriculture


The Environmental Safety Agency And army Corps of Engineers this week introduced intent to repeal and substitute the Navigable Waters Safety rule. The American Farm Bureau Federation calls the intent to rewrite the Navigable Waters Safety rule a blow to agriculture. Don Parrish, AFBF Senior Director of Regulatory Relations, says The primary goal of the rewrite is regarding.

“Tright here’s Barely Little bit of confusion about exactly what EPA is proposing right here however They’re undoubtedly saying That They are going to repeal and substitute. They’re focused on ephemeral options, and adjoining wetlands. What they’re going to do Might be take An monumental step again from the readability that the Navigable Waters Safety rule provides.”

Parrish says The precedence is returning to burdensome and unclear legal guidelines.

“Everytime You start talking about ephemeral options, options That are ditches And even Decrease than ditches, they solely have water in them when it rains, Unexpectedly you’re exactly Sort of glossing over The fact That you merely’re regulating land use, Versus water. If that’s their goal, The complete problem of wright here water ends and land begins, tright here’s An exact question mark on the panorama, and it’s going to create All Sorts of factors.”

Parrish provides The drawback Is whether or not or not the rule protects water or regulates land use.

“I don’t know wright here That is going, However It is clearly going to be An truly detailed and An truly vital wrestle And that i want farmers and ranchers To know that This is not a wrestle about defending water extreme quality, as a Outcome of the Navigable Waters Safety rule does that, This Is usually a wrestle over land use.”

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