Farm and Food: Keep moving, nothing to see here


Congress wasn’t surprised by the variations both. GAO is, In any case, its nonpartisan watchdog unleashed solely when a House or Senate member smells wrongdoing. Inside the case of MFP, Michigan Democrat Debbie Stabenow, chairwoman of the Senate Ag Committee, requested for the consider after questions of cost inequalities arose.

In 2019, For event, the GAO found “that common costs per acre ranged from $119 in Georgia to solely $15 in Alaska, Maine, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming. Eight of The very biggest 9 states with the highest costs per acre have been in the South,”

Secretary Sonny’s native South, That is, and boy, was that a useful coincidence.

“GAO found that cotton farmers acquired costs that equaled 40% of their anticipated worth. A separate research from Kansas State College economists earlier this yr found that cotton costs have been 33 events Greater than the estimated commerce damage to cotton.”

Add All of it up and bunwellions went to tens of hundreds of both principally unhurt or solely modestly harmed American farmers, famous GAO.

A lot extra distinctive is the silence all by way of agriculture As a Outcome of the report’s launch Dec. 20. Nobody has made one peep about assigning blame or Attempting to recoup one cent of the unwell, woebegotten positive elements.