Farm and Food: Truth in labeling is the opposite of ‘branding’


Vilsack informed the farmers that organics needed “one mannequin” and that the rise of The exact Pure Enterprise and its personal label will Finish in the rise of the “Actual Actual Pure Enterprise After which The exact Actual Actual Pure Enterprise.”

“And he Might be proper,” concedes Thicke.

“However what he [Vilsack] will get incorrect is that organic Isn’t a ‘mannequin’ to most farmers. It’s a philosophy, a life, A method to farm that hopes To go amethod everyone and every thing greater off—the soil, our well being, the animals, our surrounding communities.”

That notion, that imaginative and prescient “… can’t simply be a ‘USDA mannequin’ if a lot of right now’s ‘USDA Pure’ milk and eggs and hen comes from what are, primarily, CAFOs,” concentrated animal feeding operations, says Thicke.

Constructive, he factors out, modifications to USDA’s organic manufacturing requirements have “gotten us extra meals on the shelf That is licensed as organic, The huge objective Of huge Ag. What it hasn’t gotten us, however, Is biggest meals on the shelf or extra organic farmers placing it there.”

Thicke and Chapman are hopeful that ROP can obtain enough membership to problem USDA As a Outcome of the go-to supply for “real” organic meals. It is going to be An prolonged, strong uphill slog, although.

Nonetheless, organic meals isn’t about mannequining or politics, he says. “It’s about how we develop our meals. That’s as important as what we eat.”

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