/First Hispanic Agriculture Teacher Kentucky

First Hispanic Agriculture Teacher Kentucky

LEXINGTON, Ky. — Persevering with our safety on Hispanic Heritage Month, a practiceer in Lexington is encouraging And galvanizing scholars of colour to get extra involved in agritradition research.

This yr, she turned the state’s first Hispanic agritradition practiceer.

What You should Know

  • Graciela Barajas practicees agriscience and equine communication
  • She’s Enthusiastic about agritradition
  • Barajas turned The primary Hispanic ag practiceer Inside the state this yr
  • She Desires to encourage and encourage scholars to have their voices heard Inside the ag enterprise

For Greater than a month now, Graciela Barajas has taught agriscience and equine communication at Locust Hint AgriScience Center.

“I’m from California, and so, I’ve thought-about myself Mexican. I’ve a ton of Mexican frifinishs. I come from A very Mexican household and my mom and father are immigrants from Mexico,” Barajas said.

She’s a newly minted practiceer.

“Being involved in agritradition is pretty regular over tright here,” Barajas said. “So coming right here, it was a Little bit of a tradition shock that I’m The primary one. Went again house and It is simply regular, You understand.”

Ag practiceer Graciela Barajas guides a scholar by way of an task. (Spectrum Information 1/Khyati Patel)

When Barajas’ mom and father first acquired here to America, they have been farm staff.

“So As quickly as I informed them in eighth grade that I Desired to do Highschool ag packages, they have been like, ‘Heck no. Persist with engineering, medicine, the stuff that makes you money. We do not want you to Need to Wind up like working Inside the fields, and so on.,'” Barajas said.

Definitely one of Barajas’ center school practiceers related her to The highschool ag practiceer. That practiceer spoke to her mom and father, encouraging a path in agritradition.

“And so I did. And that i used to be one of Solely a few my freshman yr, like, maybe Tright here have been three or 4 of us that have been Hispanic in my ag chapter,” Barajas said.

She turned extra involved in her ag chapter, finally holding a management place that led to The start of her profession.

“People actually DepWind upon agritradition, whether or not It is the meals you eat, The garments you put on, the stuff we’re surrounded by, proper, all comes from agritradition, and I really feel Tright here is a missed market tright here For Decrease than listening to white voices On this large enterprise. My voice Ought to be heard. College students of colour voices Ought to be heard, and I really feel it does a disservice to scholars As quickly as we only market that to white scholars,” Barajas said. 

Definitely one of her goals is to convey extra youthful voices to not only Locust Hint AgriScience Center however to agritradition Usually.

“So being The primary Hispanic ag practiceer has been large. Principally for me, however hopefully for The Reprimaryder of the state to see that voices like mine matter. Our scholars of colour matter,” Barajas said. “And that i really feel That is actually important for future alternatives for our scholars.”

Future alternatives To practice, increase thought and supply a properly-rounded historic previous to scholars pursuing the agritradition enterprise.

The agriscience practiceer graduated with a grasp’s diploma from the College of Kentucky And commenced practiceing On the vocational school for Fayette County Public Schools this yr.