GAMBIA: Climate change affects agriculture and tourism


The advantages of The huge-Scale Ecosystem-based mostly Adaptation (LSE) enterprise are Greater than ever anticipated Inside the Gambia. By way of the restoration of 10,000 hectares of degraded forest and farmland, the LBA enterprise goals To assemble the resilience of rural communities in a West African nation have an effect oned by The outcomes of local climate change. These are characterised by altering rainfall and temperature patterns Which have an effect on agricultural manufacturing methods.

In early July 2021, World Agroforestry (Icraf), a evaluation centre that harnesses the advantages of timber for people and the environment, recognized agriculture and tourism as A pair of of the financial sectors most have an effect oned and weak to local climate change Inside the Gambia. Members of 221 households from the villages of Jahaly, Pacharr and Salikenni have been interviewed. Most of them famous manifestations of local climate change, Similar to a Outcome of the late arrival or shorter interval of moist seasons, Ensuing in The scarcity of their crops and reducing their income. “Prior to now, a crop might maintain a household for 12 months if the moist season was good, however now, with the influence of local climate change, few people can stay on their produce for Greater than six months,” says Manka Trawally, a farmer from Salikenni in the Central Baddibu District of The Gambia.

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When it Includes tourism, The outcomes of local climate change are mirrored in the shrinking of estuaries. Based on the Interauthoritiesal Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if greenhouse gasoline emissions Aren’t regulated, 90% of the estuaries studied are anticipated to retreat by The prime of the century, with two-thirds of them retreating by Greater than 100 metres.

The EBA enterprise

The Icraf research’s alert on the vulnerability of agricultural manufacturing methods Inside the Gambia to local climate change comes By way of the implementation interval of the EBA enterprise, which runs from 2018 to 2023. Funded with a $20.5 million grant from the Inexperienced Climate Fund (GCF) and $5 million from the Gambian authorities, ABE is being carried out in 4 areas alongside the River Gambia. The enterprise Is predicted to immediately revenue 11,550 Gambian households and probably Inimmediately have an effect on one other 46,200.

Boris Ngounou