Giant Woodville cabbages weigh in at 25 pounds each


Greens are rising huge and inexperienced in Rappahannock County this season.

Lewis Atkins of Woodville shared photographs of humongous cabbages he grew in his backyard, weighing 25 kilos every. His daughter, Stacy Scott, modeled with the leafy inexperienceds Inside The huge rising space.

A medium-sized cabbage Current in grocery shops typically weight 2 to 2.5 kilos. Based mostly on Guinness World Data, the heaviest cabbage weighed 138.25 kilos and was launched On the Alaska State Truthful by Scott A. Robb in Palmer, Alaska, summer time of 2012.

Lewis recently used 4 heads of Virginia grown cabbage to make 36 quarts of sauerkraut, enough topping for hotdogs to feed The complete neighborhood on Fourth of July.

Cucumbers are in abundance in 2021 as properly in his Rappahannock plot. Atkins has beforehand shared footage of his spectacular produce from previous rising seasons, and this yr’s Did not disappoint.

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