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Right now We discowl ThOn Tright here is a provision Inside the Massachusetts state price range calling for a research on the influence of the herbicide glyphosate (the lively ingredient in Roundup and completely different glyphosate-based mostly herbicides), and its Commonest various herbicides, on well being and the environment. 

[The rationale That is an relevant dialogue for the LA Progressive is that comparable price range allocations Might be proposed in any state and contain equal departments; the courtroom circumstances Occurred in CA; and right here, the CA Division of Pesticide Regulation (CA-DPR) wunproperly be famous wright here relevant.] The allotted “not Decrease than $50,000” is to create and fund the operation of a fee to consider the influence of glyphosate on finishangered or threatened plant and animal species and on vital habitats. 

The discoverings wunproperly be shared with the state Pesticide Subcommittee (An factor of the Massachusetts Division of Agricultural Assets – MDAR) which is To Search out out whether or not “current makes use of of glyphosate pose unreasonable antin the pastnistic influences to the environment, and whether or not current registered makes use of of glyphosate Ought to be altered or suspfinished”.

Such funding Is truly a misuse of public resources since A critical, vital consider of glyphosate per se with regard to public well being has already been accomplished Inside the California courtrooms.  Inner Monsanto e-mails, textual content material messages, reviews, research, and completely different memoranda have been deemed by the courtrooms as “not confidential” and have been tright hereafter revealed as “The Monsanto Papers” and extensively distrihowevered by the LA regulation agency, Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman.  An abstract of The tactic has been revealed (05/24/2021) in Elsevier’s Science Digest. 

The authors analyzed and cited pretty A pair of declassified courtroom paperwork from the Monsanto Roundup litigation displaying thOn The agency corrupted the scientific consider course of, obfuscated that glyphosate camakes use of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma [amongst completely different maladies], and Did not warn of this extreme well being hazard. 

Monsanto colluded with journal editors to restrict/retract The general publication of articles that Weren’t favorable for glyphosate; nor did such editor disclose their conflicts of curiosity.

Particularly, Monsanto engaged in evaluation misconduct, collectively with ghostwriting and paying hundreds for professional “indepfinishent” testimony, to disrupt regulatory oversight So as To shield Definitely one of their most revenueable merchandise. 

Wright hereas public-science organizations have prohibitions relating to evaluation misconduct, private-science organizations Do not (A minimal Of 1 Monsanto worker boasted about evaluation misconduct in e-mail exchanges).  Monsanto colluded with journal editors to restrict/retract The general publication of articles that Weren’t favorable for glyphosate; nor did such editor disclose their conflicts of curiosity.  Such evaluation misconduct has had A critical influence on glyphosate regulation, has had ripple influences all by way of the scientific peer-consider course of, and has labored to advance The agency’s pursuits, not the pursuits of public well being and the environment.


Bayer AG (The current proprietor of all issues glyphosate) allotted $10.9 bunproperlyion in 2020 for settling tens of hundreds of Roundup most cancers regulationsuits; they’ve already settled 125,000 claims for $9.6 bunproperlyion and tright here are stunproperly 30,000 circumstances awaiting decision.  This settlement adopted three conseutive CA trial losses for Monsanto By which $2.4 bunproperlyion was awarded in complete damages.  Monsanto-Bayer has misplaced every attraction Inside the CA courtrooms (as of 08/09/2021); the Court conagencyed that Monsanto “acted with a wunproperlyful and acutely conscious disregard for The seurity of completely differents in its efforts to type the scientific inquiry into glyphosate and Roundup”, and that Monsanto’s conduct was “reprehensible”. 

Bayer has now filed a petition (on 08/17/2021) with The united statesSupreme Court looking for reversal of lower courtroom verdicts that set uped Bayer is Responsible for damages from use of Roundup; they problem the physique of literature linking glyphosate to most cancers (which the U.S. Environmental Safety Company [EPA] and pesticide manuactualityurers have typically ignored).  In a presassembleive-aid transfer, Bayer has introduced that It’d finish gross sales of Roundup to residential eatrs in 2023, a transfer Aimed in the direction of averting litigation hazard, not at shielding residents from its hazardous product.  This choice Does not have an effect on industrial agricultural makes use of of glyphosate that contaminate the U.S. meals current and waterstrategies nationally.  Therefore, industrial farming and completely different makes use of of glyphosate wunproperly proceed to inflict harm on agricultural staff, their households and on everyphysique else uncovered. 

Authorities Assist OF MONSANTO

Based on an 08/18/2021 Past Pesticides article, “Over the previous 4 yrs, The U.S. Environmental Safety Company and U.S. Division of Agriculture have labored To current cowl for Bayer/Monsanto by reregistering Roundup and completely different glyphosate-based mostly merchandise, intervening in courtroom circumstances, and coordinating with The agency to cease glyphosate bans in completely different nations.”  Our current system of poisoning and contamination should cease.  Sadly, This method shields the vested financial pursuits that wrote the regulations, amfinish the regulations, and wrestle To shield the regulations, not the People who discover themselves antin the pastnisticly have an effect oned (e.g., most cancers, Parkinson’s illness, autism, gut microbial composition), And assembleively not individuals of colour That endure disproportionately from A lot of the pesticide associated unproperlynesses.  Equally, the regulations fail To shield the ecosystems and biodiversity That are essential to the existence of life.  Glyphosate negatively have an effect ons all life types; it’s ubiquitous Inside the environment.


It is laudable that in late June 2019 three western MA state regulationmakers — Sen. Jo Comerford, Rep. Natalie Blais, and Rep. Mindy Domb — spoke to MDAR staff collectively with Commissioner John Lebeaux about how the state goes about permitting sure herbicides collectively with glyphosate.  Primarily, the Subcommittee rubber stamps EPA selections; and as of August 2019, America government retains that glyphosate “doesn’t recurrent a most cancers hazard” and “the EPA wunproperly not approve labels that warn People that glyphosate Might Even be carcinogenic”.  However, after containd residents in MA raised an consciousness of glyphosate’s many factors (most cancers and completely different illnesss, influence on the human gut microbiome, influence on the soil microbiome, influence on the monarch howeverterfly, pollinators, and so on.), the MA legislature suggested thOn the MDAR Pesticide Subcommittee re-look at glyphosate safety; hence, the $50K consider fee. [Notice: CA residents Might want to stage An identical protest to the CA legislature So as to immediate regulatory change.] Had the EPA initially carried out its job (and had MDAR’s Pesticide Subcommittee carried out its job) courtroom circumstances, litigation, hearings and considers would by no means had been needed.  The EPA is Liable For shielding The general public from pointless and unreasonable harm Launched on by poisonous pesticide expoassembleive.  However, the EPA’s corruption spans administrations and is indepfinishent of political events.

TOO Dangerous To make the most of

MA legislators have suggested that MA conduct its personal evaluation of herbicides, separate from the federal government.  This Is usually An Low price proposal for any state since U.S. regulation restricts EPA poisonousity research to evaluating solely the lively ingredient, not The complete product typeulation. Among The numerous world’s 4 main agricultural producers and exporters, the U.S. lags behind The eu Union, Brazil and China in proscribing or banning harmful pesticides.  Of 1.2 bunproperlyion kilos of pesticides Utilized in U.S. agriculture in 2016, roughly 322 munproperlyion kilos have been pesticides banned Inside the EU.  Seventy-two pesticides Which have been banned or are being phased out Inside the EU are stunproperly accredited by the EPA.  Among these merchandise deemed by the EU too hazardous to use at any diploma (up So far for MDAR & CA-DPR on 08/27/2021):

2,4-DB, oxytetracycline, and paraquat. MDAR permits one 2,4-DB, three oxytetracycline And 6 paraquat merchandise.  CA-DPR permits 4teen 2,4-DB, 4 oxytetracycline and three paraquat merchandise.

Atrazine herbicide, an finishocrine disruptor and potential carcinogen. MDAR permits 4teen merchandise. CA-DPR permits seven merchandise.

■Outdoors use of three Kinds of neonicotinoid pesticides, That are extreme hazard to pollinators, collectively with imidacloprid.  MDAR permits thirty-9 imidacloprid merchandise. CA-DPR permits 5 imidacloprid merchandise.

[Note: The MA legislature handed a movement on 03/01/2021 (influenceive 07/01/2022), that wunproperly take away neonic-containing pesticides from retail shops and require that solely licensed pesticide applicators use such merchandise for outdoor non-structural makes use of or outdoor non-agricultural use on regulationn care, turf, timber, shrubs and flower and vegetable gardens.  Wright hereas considerably useful, this movement falls In want of eliminating The primary sources of neonics, collectively with a ban on Using neonic-coated corn and soybean seeds, labeling of nursery crops dealt with with neonics and a ban on aesthetic-solely makes use of.  Therefore, pollinators proceed to be at good hazard from this pesticide thOn the EU has largely eradicated].

■Organophosphate insecticide chlorpyrifos, which camakes use of neurological harm in youngsters. MDAR permits seven merchandise. CA-DPR permits six.

[Note: this was banned by the EPA from residential use in 2001; and has simply been banned (08/19/2021) by the EPA from all meals-agricultural makes use of –  influenceive in 6 months.  A consider of non-meals use wunproperly happen in 2022.  Canada has introduced bans of all registrations of chlorpyrifos; retail gross sales finish in Dec. 2022 and agricultural makes use of finish Dec. 2023 (].

■And lastly, glyphosate herbicide (human carcinogen and finishocrine disruptor) is restricted or banned in a quantity of nations and in 13 Massachusetts cities, however is stunproperly registered by the EPA. MDAR permits  twenty-eight merchandise. CA-DPR permits 13 merchandise.


In abstract, All of us know that For A pair of yrs Monsanto misled authorities and The general public relating to The hazards of glyphosate as a carcinogen and catalyst of completely different critical maladies. We know that Monsanto colluded with the EPA and completely differents To deprave science So as To maximise income from sale of glyphosate.  We know that Bayer is presently paying out bunproperlyions of greenbacks to settle authorized circumstances wright here individuals have been sickened or kunproperlyed by way of their use of glyphosate.  Subsequently, how is it In any respect acceptable To permit glyphosate to proceed To be used on our meals current, to hazard the well being of farm staff and their households, to hazard widespread public well being, and to hazard environmental damage?  Does any of this make sense?  The mannequin new MA fee to consider glyphosate Is truly pointless, A minimal of for the glyphosate consider portion of the proposal, as Is that this product in its completety.  Using the funds To promote pure regenerative agriculture and help farmers transition in any method Can be An excellent software (e.g., promoteing healthful soils, pure education & help by way of cooperative extension, loans and grants for supplies and currents and serving to farmers set up regenerative practices, collectively with cowl cropping).

The Massachusetts Pesticide Board is Liable for advising the MDAR feeer on administration and implementation of pesticide widespread regulations. The Pesticide Board Subcommittee is Liable for registering all pesticides. As a Outcome of the latter frequently defaults to “EPA requirements,” the scientific strongness of their scrutiny Of every pesticide as evidenced earlier is questionable, as is the lag interval earlier than any new restrictions take influence.  Actually, the EPA and MDAR (and CA-DPR) are obligated To change their registration procedures So as To place individuals, public well being and the environment over the financial pursuits of the pesticide enterprise (collectively with Bayer AG and its shareholders) and the perceived wants Of financial agriculture and their lobbyists.

It’s worth noting that MDAR has submited a critically problemd consider of glyphosate on-line. It is extremely outdated; their course of for pesticide consider, approval and registration is clearly out of step with current, indepfinishent scientific intypeation. Beneathstanding pesticide influences continuously evolves, particularly relating to influences on non-goal species, our bodies of water and completely different environmental resources. In MDAR’s submit, their latest entry cites a “private communication” with Bunproperly Heydens some 32 yrs in the past. And it Is notably worth noting that Monsanto government Wunproperlyiam Heydens performed A critical position in The Monsanto Papers, collectively with admitting to ghostwriting the introductory chapter of an “indepfinishent” professional panel report . Heydens seems to be the mastermind behind a lot of Monsanto’s scientific corruption in touting glyphosate’s “safety”.  Primarily, governments have been extra containd about stopping Adjust to-up research than guaranteeing safety; they have been focused on avoiding regulatory oversight. The 2021 Research Coverage report concludes that Monsanto’s efforts to derail regulatory oversight Wouldn’t have happened with out their evaluation misconduct To assemble A set of seemingly indepfinishent journal publications and reviews falsely indicating glyphosate’s safety. Monsanto misused the scientific course of in propagandist style to foster ignorance and doubt Contained in the scientific group. Regulatory retype wunproperly be wanted and regulationmakers Additionally Must criminalize private-science misconduct So as to protect the creation Of intypeation and integrity of the scientific course of.


It is prolonged overdue that we transition to land and agricultural administration practices That do not make the most of poisonous inputs and completely different practices Which are harmful to well being and the environment; We now Need to transition to regenerative pure practices that primarytain life. The 2021 Rockefeller Basis report (13) has currently concluded that when well being care prices, local climate disaster/worldwide warming prices, biodiversity loss, air & water air pollution, livelihoods of meals staff, farmers, ranchers and fishers are all actualityored-in, the financials of the American meals system Is not the reported $1.1 trunproperlyion/yr (embraces solely manufacturing, course ofing, retailing and wholesaling of meals we buy and eat). The exact cost is A minimal Of three occasions as a lot As a Outcome of the meals itself (or $3.2 trunproperlyion); and disproportionately burdens communities of colour, who face greater costs of food regimen-associated illnesss, have lowered entry to potable water and sanitation, And typically lack livable wages as producers and staff Inside the meals system. 

Our industrial agriculture is a fregulationed system that survives by externalizing its true prices, or deliberately evading such prices all aprolongedside their current chain . Such prices finally floor as taxpayer-funded subsidies, poor public well being outcomes, a degraded environment, and repairs to ecological damage. If industrial agriculture have been obligated to internalize their prices and mitigate such hazards, They Will not be financialally aggressive with indepfinishent meals producers. Taking A look at pesticide influences alone on unproperlyness and deaths, The worth/revenue ratio has probably fallen under 1 if these prices are taken Beneath consideration (15). In 1990, it was reported that worldwidely as many as one munproperlyion unintentional extreme acute pesticide poisoning incidents happen yrly, Ensuing in 20,000 deaths. Regarding minor poisoning occasions in Asia, as many as 25 munproperlyion agricultural staff endure pesticide poisoning Annually.

Innerizing prices would virtually Appear to be a overseas idea for the  Jan/Feb 2021 Food Problem of MIT Know-how Review . Lab-grpersonal meat, synthetic human breast milk, genetic modification, and robotic farming (from floor preparation to pesticide and fertilizer softwares, and harvest) are all talked about as hopeful enterprises. Even Norman Borlaug is praised for ushering Inside the “Inexpertised Revolution”; however, such approaches used To enhance meals manufacturing truly damaged many ecosystems, rfinishering them extra weak to pests. My vunproperlyage frifinishs in Bangladesh (circa 1973) said the Inexpertised Revolution ruined their soil with synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, making it “claylike”. It is famous by MIT That current chains have proceedd to be optimized for velocity, lowered prices, and enhanced returns on funding, which produces A lot of calorie-dense, nutrient-poor meals. 

MIT Tech Review has articles relating to tree shakers for walnut developers, mechanical sweepers, sorters, scanners, packers and course ofors, genetically modified pigs, genetically modified salmon, CRISPR softwares and the Nationwide Agricultural Statistics Service (that seems to serve principally industrial agriculture).  But, We’re informed, all Isn’t misplaced if we make choices that take actualityors Aside from revenue Beneath consideration.  However, little print is Devoted to the externalities That embrace non-revenue considering (e.g., changing area staff with robotic weeders; extreme quality of life For numerous species traditionally used for meals; extreme quality and nutrient density of our meals; influences on our gut microbiome and soil microbiome).  The biggest Method to simplyify the chief scientific officer [typeerly, 18 yrs at Monsanto, and now On the British agency, Genus] who employs CRISPER’s inaccurate technology To current The proper pig Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that 70-80% of the piglets produced don’t meet the exacting requirements and “Find your self in a comsubmit heap”?  What are The moral boundaries needed For all times-primarytaining organic course ofes of our ecosystem?  An article on why individuals starve makes an fascinating self-reflective assertion, “It’d be exhausting to reckon with, however our spectacular worldwide meals system isn’t what wunproperly cease individuals from ravenous — it’s exactly why they starve Inside the first place.”

Poor vitamin is the main Rationalization for poor well being Inside the U.S. today; this manifests itself as weight problems, hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart failure. Glyphosate and completely different agricultural pesticides play positions in all of this (e.g., Black People shoulder 1.3X the proportional burden/cost of expoassembleive to pesticides and fertilizer; glyphosate quietly and egregiously contrihoweveres to all 4 areas of poor human well being and conpresently exacerbates poor environmental well being).  


Wright hereas true cost accounting (TCA) Is important to unravel the true cost of our meals system, we should Obtain doing this with out developing shopper prices Which may exacerbate The prevailing inequalities Inside the meals system.  Let’s consider and dispel A few Of financial agriculture’s myths & propaganda:

  • Industrial agriculture is The one Method to feed the world. FALSE – The world Does not want industrial agriculture, particularly not from the U.S.; the meals wants of 70% to 80% of the world’s inhabitants DepWind upon small, “subsistence” farms.  And these small farmers could properly enhance their manufacturing with out adopting industrial farming strategies.
  • Industrial agriculture is The one Method To primarytain retail meals prices pretty priced. FALSE – Huge industrial agrimeals agencys are authorizedly loyal to actions Which are biggest for the company, not meals affordcapability or seurity.  Claims Regarding the influenceivity Of giant-scale, centralized manufacturing are practices truly designed To maximise income for The financial agricultural agencys and their pursuits.
  • Industrial agriculture Is important to support rural communities and economies. FALSE:  Seventy yrs Of instructional evaluation documenting the influences Of financial agriculture on rural economies and extreme quality of life, found that 82% of communities expertise detrimental financial, civic,  and environmental influences As a Outcome of Of financial agriculture.   
  • Industrial agriculture poses no vital hazards to public well being. FALSE:   Public well being factors are Widely acknowledged by the scientific group and communities experiencing industrial agriculture, collectively with: antibiotic resistance, bronchial asthma, hypertension, and completely different respiratory problems.  Spray drift, floor runoff, and evapotranspiration from agricultural areas threaten consuming water safety by leverying properly and floorwater sources, and even contaminate some pure crops.
  • Industrial agriculture is primarytainable, local climate-frifinishly, and renewable. FALSE:  Industrial agricultural exhausts and degrades soils, requiring proceedd synthetic inputs Which are sourced from fossil gasolines.   Extremely- degraded soil and dietary vitamins run-off into waterMethods in which rfinisher each consuming water and leisure waters unsafe.  Years of pesticide use, collectively with glyphosate herbicide, End in close by areas with lowered biodiversity.
  • Industrial agriculture is inevitable. FALSE:  Industrial agriculture is a manuactualityured idea Outcomeing from yrs of unproperly-intypeationrmed political choices.  Consolidation throughout the agrimeals enterprise has made farmers developingly reliant on a handful of suppliers and eatrs, further squeezing their incomes and eroding their capability To choose what to develop, how to develop it, and for whom.  Economically by way ofble variouss exist; however, they run counter to the pursuits Of financial agriculture’s properly-funded lobbyists.  Industrial agriculture owes its existence to the USDA, numerous monetary sectors, and policymakers Who’ve promoted it monetaryly and programmatically As a Outcome of the ‘Way forward for agriculture’.
  • Tright here Are not any variouss to The financial agrimeals system. FALSE:  In the current disaster state of affairs with Covid-19, vulnerabilities have been revealed that also introduced alternatives for factorary change.  With concentrated current chain failure, reliance on various markets, course ofing amenities, and distrihoweverion facilities arose that had assembleed-in resilience and redundancy (e.g., farmers markets, cooperative groceries, CSA shares with native farmers and roadside stands).               

Inevitably, we should re-center our meals system and promote the well being Of individuals, the planet and society. A resilient agricultural system managed by indepfinishent farmers, staff, and eatrs Is potential given the political wunproperly to implement current policy devices. These devices embrace: passing legal guidelines that incentivizes transitioning from industrial agriculture’s pursuits to indepfinishent farmer autonomy; creating bproper-line antitrust and monetary regulations that require internalizing current chain prices; and Making sure agricultural policy is democratically created throughout areas and scales. For national steerage (a lot of this Is usually utilized On the state diploma), Tright here’s A very useful “Toolkit for Congress to Deal with the Food Monopoly Crisis”: The Toolkit currents An extreme quantity of to unpack right here, However it is designed to implement change based mostly on six key factors:

  • Curbing Globalized Focus: We should Make assembleive the power to make selections Regarding the agrimeals system lies Inside the palms of People who produce and eat meals immediately.  [We should Think about, and resist, “regulatory seize” as has happenred with the Organic Commerce Affiliation that now embraces influential multibunproperlyion-greenback agrienterprisees that primarily promote typical meals.]
  • Implementing Anti-Racist Food and Farm Coverage: Historic discrimination and exploitation of BIPOC farmers, ranchers, and staff Have to be livelyly addressed and remedied. 
  • Prioritizing Resilience, Not Efficiency: Coverage To enhance rivals, indepfinishence, social simplyice, and success of smaller entities wunproperly enassembleive An extfinished-lasting, resilient agrimeals system.
  • Redefining The set uped order: Every thing from property propers, to feeding livestock, to rural enhancement Have to be rethought in Methods in which acintypeation social and ecological penalties. [e.g., Currently, the federal government helps and grants loans for enhancement and finance of CAFO operations and currents disaster funds – all of which come from taxpayers.]
  • Supporting Local and Regional Food Methods: As we rein Inside The power held by industrial agricultural agencys, we should conpresently construct a support system for farmers, ranchers, staff, and communities.
  • Transitioning to a Just and Resilient Agrimeals System: As we transition to a bproperer meals system, we should not pull out the rug beneath farmers and completely different meals producers caught Inside the finishless cycles of contracting and debt imposed by industrial agricultural pursuits.  [Grants and loans for education, supplies and currents Have to be currentd for transitioning farmers To Wind up to be regenerative pure farmers.]

These ‘Toolkit’ cures are difficult and require due diligence, however in the meantime, why not Get rid of A few of The primary public well being and group prices. As talked about earlier, synthetic pesticide inputs are acknowledged to set off most cancers And a lot of completely different unproperlynesses from direct and oblique expoassembleive; Really, glyphosate is A poisonous substance that negatively have an effect ons all life types, and the propagated ripple influence is good. Stunproperly, large agrienterprise agencys dismiss product safety considerations till utterly pressured to settle in courtroom or disproceed a mannequin, as has been occurring with Bayer/Monsanto and glyphosate. Why Can we give subsidies, tax breaks  and relaxed regulations to companys that exactly poison our meals system? Why aren’t we taxing the polluters and giving tax breaks to individuals And agencys Which are making pure efforts? Elimination of glyphosate and comparable poisonous pesticides Can be a start for diploprimaryg the having fun with area for financial, well being, and social and environmental simplyice.  

The 08/09/2021 report of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes it abundantly clear that human-sourced CO2 and completely different greenhouse gasoline emissions are inflicting extreme local climate influences in every area of the planet. Taken in its completeity, industrial agriculture accounts for ⅓ to ½ of all greenhouse gasolinees. Surprisingly, pure regenerative agriculture would largely eliminate such emissions, would have an all-pervasive influence on reducing The worldwide local climate disaster while also preserving human and environmental well being. In essence, We should alstrategies extfinish the restricted idea of pure farms and inagency the gooder idea of “pure communities” As a Outcome of the extra primarytaining and resilient general objective.

Stephen C. Frantz




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