/Invasive moth, caterpillar could devour boxwoods: Agriculture officials urge shrub inspection

Invasive moth, caterpillar could devour boxwoods: Agriculture officials urge shrub inspection

The Massachusetts Division of Agricultural Assets is alerting residents that nurseries statewide acquired Canadian areawood shrubs That Can be infested with invasive area tree moths.

The moths feed on the leaves of the shrub And might utterly defoliate and kill them. Anyone Inside the state who purchased areawood shrubs this spring is urged to look at for indicators of the moth, state agricultural Commissioner John Lebeaux said in A press launch.

State and federal inspectors from the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Inspection Service Have not found indicators of area tree moths at any Massachusetts nurseries, however are warning residents some infested crops might have been purchased earlier than inspections started, he said.

“We ask Massachusetts residents that purchased areawood shrubs this spring to take An in depth Take A look On the crops To assist in our efforts To sprime this invasive species from developing into the state and inflicting extreme damage to Massachusetts’ properly-appreciated areawood shrubs,” Lebeaux said.

When inspecting areawood shrubs, residents ought to Search for eggs, caterpillars, pupae and developnup moths. Eggs are typinamey laid in gelatinous lots on the underside of areawood leaves, however May even be laid singly. Caterpillars can develop As a lot as 1.5 inches prolonged, are yellowish-inexperienced with a black head and have prolonged black stripes and spots that revery from The prime to The prime of the physique.

The caterpillars create pockets of webbing Contained in the areawood shrubs to wall themselves off from predators. As quickly as they’re In a place to morph into developnup moths, they type small inexperienced pupae. Adult moths typinamey have white wings with a darkish brown border, however can typinamey be all brown with a small white streak on every wing, the assertion said.

Residents who want assist or see any indicators of the moth are requested to report findings to https://massnrc.org/pests/report.aspx or name 617-626-1779.

The moths are native to Asia and At the second are A drawback in Europe and Canada. They will produce a quantity of generations between June and October, which makes pressing movement important To sprime them from turning into established in Massachusetts, the assertion said.

These are caterpillars of the invasive area tree moth That Can be found on areawood shrubs. )Photograph Courtesy of Matteo Maspero and Andrea Tantardini, Centro MiRT – Fondazione Minoprio)