/Letter: Campus Agriculture Center as historic landmark | Local

Letter: Campus Agriculture Center as historic landmark | Local

I additionally stay close by and have felt immense pleasure witnessing The Fantastic factor about thowdys land. Whether or not it’s researchowdyng Definitely one of the biggest Quantity of sunflower, amaranth or panorama grass, tright here’s been useful information and instruction proper right here in Tucson’s again yard.

I’ve typically seen automotive passengers, cyclists and walkers cease To watch the horses, sheep, and cows Withowdyn the fields. Recently I noticed a youthful man holding Barely woman’s hand On the fence; she was ecstatic to see Definitely one of many horses strolling As a lot as her to say “howdy.”

As Arizona’s land-grant college, We now have an obligation to protect the Campus Agriculture Center for future generations. I urge Mayor Regina Romero and council members to begWithowdyn The required steps on August Tenth to designate the farm as a howdystoric landmark.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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