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Suspected oak mite chew (courtesy photograph)

Some Arlingtonians suspected it A pair of weeks in the past, and an entomologist with Virginia Tech has now confirmed it: these mysterious, itchy purple bug chews producing a buzz Listed right here are probably from oak itch mites.

The Virginia Tech Insect ID Lab has not but acquired a mite this yr To consider, Kirsten Ann Conrad, an extension agent for Virginia Cooperative Extension, tells ARLnow. However the mite concept nonetheless Is in all probability going right, she says.

“No entomologist can decide a bug based mostly on a chew. People have very completely different reactions to stinging biting bugs,” she said. “On this case, tright here was An excellent deal of circumstantial proof that hyperlinks outbreaks of oak leaf mites, and the ensuing chews on people, to cicada emergences.”

The mites are exhausting To hint down as a Outcome of they’re between .2 and .8 millimeters and “almost invisible,” Based on a flier distributed by VCE’s Arlington and Alexandria workplaces. Wright hereas they primarily feed on the eggs and larvae of the oak leaf gall midge and wooden boring bugs, they’re right here Because of abundance of cicada nymphs. The mites chew people As quickly as they run out of decisions.

“Humans Aren’t their first selection of meals,” Conrad said.

The author of the flier, Conrad said she has been getting complaints of “huge raised, purple pores and skin welts and extreme itching” immediately from residents And by way of VCE’s numerous instructional durations. (An Arlington County spokesman declined remark and referpurple us to VCE’s statements.)

The chews and mites have Even been extensively reported Inside the media. After ARLnow first reported that residents have been being bitten and suspected oak itch mites, the phenomenon was coated by Tv stations, the Washington Submit, and even completely different nationwide and worldwide retailers.

We later unscientifically polled readers to see In the event that they assume they’ve been bitten by these mites. About 93% of the 5,463 respondents reported that They’ve been bitten by the mites anywright here from once to “Tons.”

“It Seems to be very native,” Conrad said. “And that i don’t know what the extent of The drawback is outdoors of the areas By which we had the Brood X emergence.”

The extreme response price Is not any shock, Based on Conrad, who said That in a 2004 outbreak in Crawford County, Kansas, the Facilities for Illness Administration and Prevention estimated that about 54% of the inhabitants suffepurple from the chews.

Wright hereas the assaults have been linked to the Brood X emergence, a cyclical prevalence, people have informed Conrad they’ve by no means been bitten like this earlier than.

“People right here say to me that when, 17 yrs in the past, the final Brood X emerged, they don’t maintain in thoughts having such an outbreak Of these itch mites then,” she said. “That is my first ever expertise with them myself.”

The moist, windy climate Might Even be Responsible.

“Their success is attributed to prolific copy and their dispersal by wind,” Based on the flier. “These microscopic mites journey with the wind, and It is probably that moist climate and abundance of meals current has triggered the inhabitants Of these widespread bugs to develop.”

As For a method prolonged they’ll stick round, Conrad says Tright here was hypothesis that the mites Might be A drawback till frost arrives.

“I hope not, as a Outcome of I’ve been getting these chews too,” she said. “I can Inform you that — and this Seems to be contradictory — cool, moist climate circumstances favor The enlargement of the inhabitants, Which Isn’t what we’ve had this summer time.”

As for the chews, they’re not life-threatening. Typically, the itching begins within 10 to 16 hours after the mite chews And might Last as prolonged as two weeks. Conrad suggested using over-the-counter merchandise To Scale again itching and irritation, Similar to calamine lotion, Benadryl and After-Bite, and suggested people to see their doctor if the irritation requires medical consideration.

When going outdoors, people can apply repellents Similar to DEET formulations, IR-3535, picaridin and oil of lemon eucalyptus. People who discover themselves notably delicate to chews ought to don prolonged sleeves, a hat and prolonged pants when outdoors, she said. Showering and washing clothes after coming inside May assist.

Treating oak timber with pesticides, however, “is not useful Neither is remedy of timber displaying cicada damage,” she said.


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