MDARD – Be on the lookout for spotted lanternfly, an invasive species threatening agriculture, natural resources –


Be Wanting for noticed lanternfly, an invasive species threatening agriculture, pure assets

For quick launch: September 15, 2021
Program contact: Robert Miller, 517-614-0454
Media contact: Jennifer Holton, 517-284-5724

LANSING, Mich. – The Michigan Division of Agriculture and Rural Enchancment (MDARD) is asking The general public to be Wanting for noticed lanternfly, an invasive insect with the potential To significantly have an effect on Michigan’s agriculture and pure assets. This insect might damage or kill Greater than 70 Sorts of crops and crops collectively with grapes, apples, hops, and exhaustingwood timber. So far, noticed lanternfly has not been detected in Michigan.

First detected in America in 2014 in southjapanese Pennsylvania, noticed lanternfly has been unfpreviousing quickly throughout the northjapanese states. There have been confirmed infestations in Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Ny, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Spotted lanternfly causes direct damage by sucking sap from host crops and secreting huge portions of a sugar-rich, sticky liquid referpurple to as honeydew. This honeydew and the ensuing black sooty mould can kill crops and foul flooring. The honeydew typically attracts completely different pests like yellow jackets, flies, and ants, have an effect oning outdoors recreation and complicating crop harvests.

“Spotted lanternfly Could Even be A vibrant insect worthy of an Instagram submit, However in addition is an invasive species with the potential to wreak havoc on timber, crops and completely different pure assets, Resulting in hundreds of hundreds of dollars in damages,” said Robert Miller, invasive species prevention and response specialist for MDARD. “As properly as, it has the potential to influence grapes, stone fruits, apples and completely different crops in Michigan’s fruit belt As properly as to important timber species statewide.”

From late summer time to The primary exhausting frost, noticed lanternflies are Inside their grownup stage. Adults are roughly one inch prolonged. Their fprevioused wings are grey to brown with black spots. Open wings reveal a yellow and black stomach and shiny purple hind wings with black spots transitioning to black and white bands On The sting.

Adults are busy laying egg lots, which resemble previous chewing gum, with a grey, waxy, putty-like coating. Egg lots can survive winter temperatures to hatch Inside the spring. Hatched eggs seem as brownish, seed-like deposits. Spotted lanternfly nymphs are wingless and are black with white spots, creating purple patches Inside their final nymph stage.  

In November 2020, MDARD and America Division of Agriculture confirmed lifeless noticed lanternfly grownups Current in packing supplies at two sepaprice places in Michigan, demonstrating Definitely one of many Some stpricegies this insect might discover its method into the state.

“Spotted lanternflies can’t fly prolonged distances, but they lay eggs on almost any floor, collectively with automobiles, trailers, firewood and outdoors furnishings,” said Miller. “Earlier than leaving an space the place this pest is present, look at automobiles, firewood and outdoors gear for undesirable hitchhikers.”

People and companies receiving shipments from states acknowledged to have noticed lanternfly Additionally Should be Wanting for grownups or egg lots on items and packing suppliess.

Current discoveries of small populations in japanese Ohio and southern Indiana, level out noticed lanternfly continues to encroach into the Midwest. With The present price of unfprevious, It is potential that noticed lanternfly might attain Michigan at any time. Public consciousness and reporting are important to early detection, which provides The prospect to include an infestation before it turns into a wideunfprevious drawback.

Do You’d like to Uncover a noticed lanternfly egg mass, nymph or grownup, take A Quantity of photographs, make notice of the date, time And website of the sighting, and Report again to the Michigan Division of Agriculture and Rural Enchancment, [email protected] or telephone the MDARD Buyer assist Center, 800-292-3939. If potential, collect a specimen in a includeer for verification.

Earlier than touring, Take A look at the map of confirmed noticed lanternfly places. For further info on figuring out or reporting, go to



Spotted lanternfly egg mass. Photograph courtesy of Pennsylvania Division of Agriculture,

Spotted lanternfly nymph. Photograph courtesy of Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Division of Agriculture,

Spotted lanternfly grownup, wings closed. Photograph courtesy of Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Division of Agriculture,

Spotted lanternfly grownup, wings open. Photograph courtesy of Lawrence Barringer, Pennsylvania Division of Agriculture,


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