Monterey County Agriculture Drops Below $4 Billion in Value


Monterey County agriculture took a notable hit in 2020, hugely As a Outcome of of influences of wildfire and COVID-19. The 2020 Crop & Livestock Report displays An monumental decline in manufacturing worth, which completeed Barely Greater than $3.9 billion. The theme of the report was ‘Resilience in Adversity,’ extremelighting the challenges that farmers and ranchers endured in 2020.

“2020 was pretty the yr I really feel All of us would agree. The influence on agriculture in Monterey County was vital,” said Henry Gonzales, Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner. “As a matter of actuality, it was an 11.3 % drop over 2019 And probably the Most very important drop We now have ever expert each in proportion and greenagain worth. It was simply slightly under a $500 million drop in complete gross worth.”

A pair of of In all probability the most profitable crops for The world expert substantial declines in worth. Leaf lettuce fell by 15.2 % and head lettuce noticed a decline of 16.6 %. General, vegetable crops decreased by almost $575 million to An complete of Greater than $2.5 billion. “Winegrapes was one other commodity that took A pretty huge hit dropping a gross worth of 43 %. It was A very dangerous yr…it was the wildfires that created A scarcity of over $74.5 million primarily influenceing winegrapes and strawberries however principally it was winegrapes that suffered,” Gonzales famous.


Regardless of The overall drop in worth, some commodities made modest positive elements in 2020. Area crops, livestock and poultry, seed crops, and apiary all expert some will enhance in worth.  The most notable enhance in worth was seen in strawberry manufacturing, which took the quantity-one spot Inside the report. “It enhanced Greater than it ever has to The very biggest worth ever. It’s $922 million-plus, so pushing that $1 billion mark Solely for strawberries,” said Gonzales.

Whereas COVID-19 Continues to be influenceing manufacturing, Gonzales is optimistic about overall manufacturing shifting forward. The differ amongst crops in Monterey County Is Among The numerous strengths of the area. Gonzales said that while he doubts manufacturing will Recover from the $4.5 billion diploma for 2021, he stays assured about getting again above $4 billion. “We have so Many numerous commodities, that if one isn’t doing properly for no matter set off, properly We now have 20, 25, 30 extra Which will step up and assist maintain The overall worth of Monterey County Agriculture extreme,” Gonzales defined.