Pasture specialist to discuss weed issues | Agriculture |


Weeds Might be troublesome as a Outcome of, Aside from being an eyesore, They will take dietary vitamins for completely different, extra viable crops.

At this yr’s South Texas Farm and Ranch Current, Rachel Walker, A selection and pasture specialist with Corteva Agriscience, will Converse about Definitely one of The solely methods to deal with weed factors. She Can additionally area questions from the viewers.

Walker talked about The identical matter Finally yr’s show.

Final yr, Walker said she places weeds in two distinct packages — these That are poisonous and very important to take away from pastures earlier than they poison livestock And completely different people That are unhazardous however nonetheless worrisome as a Outcome of they rob grass of dietary vitamins.

“There’s our on A daily basis weeds that All of us know We now Want to deal with Yearly, After which there’s ones That are poisonous that We Even have to Watch out of and get them out super quick,” she said earlier thanhand.

Like last yr, Walker’s session will Think about broadleaf weeds, like woolly croton, prairie tea, and completely differents. She’ll start with biggest practices and contact on A pair of of In all probability the Commonest weed factors earlier than taking questions from attendees.

Walker will cowl biggest practices so people can produce the most grazeable land potential. She Can additionally discuss chemical administration steps Which Might Even be needed when troublesome weeds pop up.