Report shows Tehama County agriculture valued at $263 million


Tehama County’s agriculture manufacturing for 2020 was worthd at $263,897,000 Based mostly on Doni Rulofson, Tehama County agricultural commissioner.

The 2020 Agriculture Report was launched to and accredited by the county’s Board of Supervisors on Oct. 5. The county’s reported complete worth was 12 % Decrease than the earlier yr.

As quickly as extra the county’s prime ag product was walnuts coming in with an general worth of $72,393,600, adopted by almonds at $51,699,100, then beef cattle at $25,416,000 primeping off the three leaders.

Olives, which in A few yrs previous listed Inside The very biggest three, wasn’t even Amongst The numerous prime 5 merchandise, Based mostly on the report. Desk olives, Corning’s mascot, in 2020 complete worth was $11,456,300 at 4,377 bearing acres – down from 2019’s complete of simply Greater than $29 million. The notable lower was As a Outcome of of An virtually 20,000 drop in tonnage from 2019 quantitys.

Olives grown for olive oil confirmed The identical destiny, $6,433,700 complete worth in 2020 As in contrast with $15.6 million in 2019, As a Outcome of of a lower in tonnage. The report reveals the acreage for table olives and oil olives Inside the county Is almost equal with oil olives simply 200 acres much less. In 2010 there wasn’t enough oil olive acreage Inside the county for reportable quantitys, As in contrast with The complete acreage for table olives at 6,759 acres bearing 34,133 tons of fruit.

A quantity of growers Inside the county have pulled olive acreage To get changed with walnut and almond orchards, with each nuts seeing an ongoing enhance in planted acreage over the previous few yrs.

The general complete for fruit and nut crops was $168,376,500, down $39,428,200 from 2019.

Area crops, collectively with wheat, corn, hay and others, completeed $5,921,500, this class down about $1.5 million from the earlier report.

Vegetable crops reached higher worths in 2020 from 2019, completeing $331,300, up $40,000, with nursery merchandise additionally displaying An enhance from $10,264,00 in 2019 to $16,953, 600 in 2020, Based mostly on the report.

Livestock and poultry had An complete worth of $30,047,500 in 2020, simply Regarding the identical As a Outcome of the earlier yr’s report, whereas livestock and poultry merchandise noticed a $2 million drop to $10,353,700 in 2020.

Pasture and differ complete worth acquired here in at $13,776,600, and apiary Providers reached $17,900,900, with timber merchandise rounding out the report with complete worth of $9,241,401.

The report additionally included such gadgets as quarantine inspections, pest prevention measures, noxious weed eradication and quantitys, product exports, and weights and measures.

As properly as, the report shared the surge in pure farming and direct advertising pursuits.

There are 30 pure growers registered Inside the county final yr, completeing 69,560 acres, collectively with differland. Operations differd from small gardens catering to native licensed farmer’s markets to livestock, dairy, orchard, and field crop producers offering product on A a lot greater scale, said the report.