‘Scientific agriculture practices need of the hour’


Chennai: Cotton continues to take pleasure in a pre-eminent And probably the most favoured fibre standing for the textile enterprise worldwidely As properly as to in India.

It is an immensely important crop for the sustainable livelihood of the Indian cotton farming group. Presently, 50 to 60 million people Rely upon cotton cultivation, advertising, processing and exports For his or her livelihood throughout India.

Inside the Earlier couple of years, the cultivation of cotton has been steadily declining worldwidely and the world cotton farming expert dramatic developments in 2020-21 As a Outcome of of an unprecedented strain Launched on by the Covid-19 pandemic, Based mostly on C K Patel, AGM – agronomy and advertising, Netafim India.

He says adaptation of scientific agriculture practices will drive worldwide demand in the direction of Indian cotton farmer.

“Persistent adoption of unsustainable agricultural practices for the largely water-intensive crop, in depth use of fertilisers and pesticides As properly as to genetic modification has posed An monumental problem that wants quick consideration,” he says.