Sundae on the Farm Agriculture Scholarship Winners


SARATOGA COUNTY — The Saratoga County Agricultural Promotion Committee introduced the winners of the Sundae on the Farm Agriculture Scholarship. The award was handed out On the Saratoga County Truthful By way of the conclusion of the 4-H Dairy Current. Peter Bardunias, Senior Vice chairman, Group Development for The Capital Area Chamber, and member of the Agricultural Promotion Committee launched the awards. The scholarship Is meant to alleviate prices Associated to further education endeavors Inside the agriculture enterprise. 

Hannah (Lainey) Koval: Lainey grew up on Koval Brothers Dairy Farm in Saratoga County, and whether or not it was displaying her cows On the fair, serving to her mom and father Inside the barn, promoting native dairy merchandise, or being An factor of her native 4-H or FFA program, Lainey was On A daily basis submerged in agriculture. She attends Cornell College for Agricultural Science with plans To Focus in Industry Administration so she might, hopefully, return and work on her household’s dairy farm.

Michael Theobald: Michael acquired here into the world of agriculture later in life through a flower nursery in Saratoga Springs. The house personalers themselves had an overflowing ardour for the nursery enterprise, which watered his personal rising love for Agriculture. The expertise helped him Choose pursuing an education in agriculture. He is attending SUNY Morrisville Collectively with his primary in Agricultural Science. 

Blake Wadsworth: Agriculture was The backside of A pair of of Blake’s earliest reminiscences. His day-to-day has On A daily basis revolved round agriculture; from feeding calves to watching his dad milk cows earlier than school Inside the morning. He is attending Cornell College. When not In school, he spends a lot of his time Engaged on native dairy farms doing herd work.