TN Agriculture department sets target for producing biofertilisers – The Hindu


The district-diploma biofertiliser laboratories have been given targets for producing seven Kinds of these micro organism-based mostly fertilisers Which will assist anchor nitrogen Inside the soil , says official

In an effort to encourage farmers To Scale again their dependence on chemical compounds in farming, the Agriculture division has directed districts To current enough biofertilisers in liquid type, which have An prolonged shelf life As in contrast with Those in powder type.

“The district-diploma biofertiliser laboratories have been given targets for producing seven Kinds of these micro organism-based mostly fertilisers Which will assist anchor nitrogen Inside the soil and assist in making the out there phosphate and phosphorus Inside the soil to the crops. These Might be utilized for All Sorts of crops, collectively with paddy and greens. We now have one targetted at groundnut and ancompletely different for pulses,” defined a senior official Inside the division.

Not stopping with manufacturing, extension movements have additionally been deliberate To Guarantee right utilization Of these biofertilisers. “Using NPK fertilisers assists reduce dependence on chemical fertilisers by 25% and aids in enhancing the soil profile over a Time interval. It additionally Leads to a reduce in agricultural enter prices,” defined ancompletely different official.

The federal authorities has 22 models producing biofertilisers with capacities Of fifty,000 litres every and producing An complete of 11 lakh litres per yr. There are 9 private-run models too that produce 9.85 lakh litres yrly.

‘Delay in supply A precedence’

In the meantime, farmers in a quantity of parts of the State, who welcomed the plan, said that By The objective the biofertilisers reveryed their depots they have been nearing expiry dates. “We buy seeds and inventory them forward of the sowing season. However when the fertiliser is nearing the expiry date then we Can’t use it. Not many farmers use biofertilisers since They do not Appear to Think about its advantages,” said Seshadri, a farmer from the northern Tiruvallur district.

At Tirupattur, Jayagopi, a farmer Who’s the chairman of a farmers producers organisation, said that although they very a lot Want to inventory and promote biofertilisers to members, they have been unable To take movement. “Several of our members Do not realise the significance Of these and Instead simply maintain them aside saying it includes An extreme quantity of Of labor. In the event that they’re to dip the seedlings in liquid biofertilisers, it takes extra farm palms, which We do not have,” he said.

Progressive farmer Ravichandran of Thiruvar said that the absence of extension movements by the agricultural division was A critical set off for the Ignorance amongst farmers. Staff Who’re Alleged to maintain out extension movements are busy with completely different work. “Also farmers anticipate bio-fertilisers to pertype wonders virtually over-Evening time. They are used to urea and know The biggest method It actually works,” he Recognized.

Ancompletely different farmer from Chengalpet, Parasuraman, said that there Ought to be trial plots in every district displaying how these work And the method They Want to be used. The federal authorities should Even have a Adjust to-up mechanism So as that it is Aware of how a lot is being Utilized by farmers, he added.


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