Two Purdue agriculture students selected for Pillars of Excellency


Two School of Agriculture college students have been acknowledged all by way of Homecoming For his or her service, scholarship and management with revenue-based mostly scholarships. The Pillars of Excellency worth is awarded yearly to junior and seniors who exemplify the mission of land-grant universities.

Austin Berenda, a senior in agricultural economics, acquired the Educating and Scholarship Pillar for his mentorship work and involvement in extracurriculars. Berenda hopes to attend graduate school at Purdue and, finally, assist completely different scholarship packages in his division and college.

“The Educating and Scholarship pillar demonstrates to me how a lot Purdue emphasizes studying,” Berenda said. “School develops us as people by way of A multitude of experiences, however On The prime of the day The primary set off We’re blessed to attend this good institution is to develop our minds and use that information To raised the world.”