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Agriculture Is Amongst The numerous previousest and Most very important industries On the earth. Sri Lanka—an agrarian nation—has an agricultural historic previous spanning over 2,500 years. It has been An important driver of poverty discount Inside the nation and contributes about 8.4% to the nation’s Gross Home Manufacturing (GDP). 

By way of the years, the enterprise has contended with a slew of challenges, Similar to local climate change Outcomeed modifications in climate patterns, droughts, floods and Lack of biodiversity, soil erosion, shrinking feminine participation Inside the agricultural worth chains As a Outcome of of gender inequalities, low income for farmers, low youth participation Inside the agricultural sector and the COVID-19 restrictions since March 2020.

So as to bolster the agriculture enterprise, these factors Want to be addressed. But one, Notably, stands out.

The place are the youth? (Photograph credit scores: Chang Duong via Unsplash)

The place Are The Youth?

The saying “the youth are our future” rings true in every method. For agriculture, an enterprise dealing with a downward enhancemalest in labour strain participation, youth might current The reply, not solely When it Includes labour However in addition bridging the agriculture enterprise with The biggest know-how and innovation for its sustalack of ability Inside The enhancemalesty day. 

With out youth participation, the enterprise’s possibilities to flourish are slim. This raises two essential questions: 

  • Why aren’t extra youth actively involved in agriculture?
  • How Can we enhance youth engagemalest Inside The sector?

Why Aren’t More Youth Actively Involved In Agriculture?

It is assumed to have three contributors for The scarcity of youth participation in agriculture: 

  • Low levels of social safety, social recognition, pay and general industrial sustalack of ability; 2. The lack of know-how and innovation utilised in Sri Lanka’s agri-sector; 
  • A decrease Inside the enterprise worth of the Sri Lankan agricultural enterprise.

How Do We Increase Youth Engagemalest In The Area?

To answer this, we should first think about the completely different spaces of concern. 

The primary space of concern is the financial influence. COVID-19 pandemic Outcomeed in Sri Lanka’s financial system contracting by 3.6% in 2020 — It is the worst annual progress efficiency on doc. Job loss and lowered earnings hit new levels, with the poverty price enterpriseed to have enhanced from 9.2% in 2019 to 11.7% in 2020. In 2020, The complete Quantity of employed individuals in Sri Lanka stood at about 8.2 million, of which about 26.5% have been employed or engaged in agriculture. 

A majority of this inhabitants are located Inside The agricultural and property sectors, with The agricultural spaces being house to about 80% of The complete inhabitants and The Most very important contributor to agriculture. This was earlier thanhand highlighted Inside the 2019 Sri Lanka Labour Force survey through its cross-district view of the employed inhabitants distribution. The decides had vital variations Inside the share of agriculture employmalest, with a mere 1.6% in Colombo engaged in agriculture Versus An monumalestal 55.4% in Badulla, 51.2% in Nuwara Eliya, and 48.6% in Monaragala. About 1.65 million smallhpreviouser farmers opeprice on Lower than two hectares yet contribute roughly 80% of The complete annual meals production. Meanwhereas, almost half of all farmers dwelling alongside or under the poverty line are smallhpreviouser farmers.

Womales and womales proceed to face challenges when Getting into into agriculture (Photograph credit scores: Gyan Shahane via Unsplash)

The second space of concern is gender disparity in agriculture. The exclusion Of womales and womales in agriculture, be it As a Outcome of of A scarmetropolis of alternatives, providers, and particularised education, societal angles, or lack of push by institutions involved in agriculture, has had A critical influence on The sector. The Departmalest of Census and Statistics said that the labour strain participation Of womales stood at 34.3% in 2020. Out of which, 27.7% labored Inside the agriculture sector. 

The feminine informal staff Inside the agriculture sector Aren’t mirrored Inside these numbers, thus their contribution to the enterprise and the nation’s financial system goes hugely unacknowledged. Nearly all of The womales Inside the agriculture sector practised subsistence agriculture, whereas males engaged in paddy farming and produced huger volumes of current produce Of greater worth On the market at markets. Further, womales and womales proceed to face challenges when Getting into into agriculture. These challenges embrace, among completely different, problem to seure loans, lack of entry to and administration of assets, lack Of baby care assist and discrimination in What’s incorrectly seen as a male-dominated enterprise. 

The third space of concern is The scarcity of openness to agritech in Sri Lanka, whereas closely Counting on previous stpricegies and traditions of agriculture to play A critical position. This lack of know-how and innovativeness is contributing to primarytaining the youth amethod from getting involved Inside the enterprise. 

The refusal by or lack of ability of previouser generations To incorpoprice agritech Inside their processes additionally stagnates The enlargemalest of agriculture Inside the face Of current challenges. Tying in with the sluggish adoption of agritech Inside the nation is inentryibility, each When it comes To buying for and utilising the know-how. Tech know-how reprimarys low and the digital divide reprimarys broad amongst The agricultural and property sectors Versus the metropolis sector.

The lack of know-how is contributing to primarytaining the youth amethod from the enterprise (Photograph credit scores: via Pexels)

The biggest method Forward

Agriculture has by no means been extra universally important than it is right now, as meals scarmetropolis threatens the globe Inside the midst of a burgeoning inhabitants. The profitability of agriculture is being mirrored through the successes Of nations Throughout the globe. That is primarily Due to merging of conventional and enhancemalesty agri-processes, pushed by know-how, that is increaseing yields, decreaseing man-hours, contributing to extra healthful crops, and reducing prices and losses in The Prolonged time period. From harvest automation to drones, blockchain know-how, gene modifying, metropolis agriculture, and vertical farming, agritech is a direct reply to the world’s factors with poverty amongst farmers, farmable land scarcitys, A quick-rising inhabitants, and quickly altering shopper preferences. 

Promoting agricultural entrepreneurship amongst youth might vastly enhance agritech adoption in Sri Lanka, which has been a driving strain behind the enterprise’s enhancemalest The world over. A research titled ‘Elemalests Influencing the Youths’ Curiosity in Agricultural Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka’ found that “youth aspirations in the direction ofs agricultural entrepreneurship have been strongly influenced positively by angle, acceptance, parental satisfaction on agricultural income, parental income, agri-machine possession, land possession, anticipated authorities assist and credit rating amenities whereas parental education confirmed a adverse influence”. 

Subsequently, The first step Ought to be To promote agriculture as a viable profession prospect for youth, starting with the formal education system. A greater understanding of the significance of agriculture, the know-how involved in it, and the plethora of alternatives launched by it might assist extra youth think about agriculture as one factor They might excel in.

Serving to smallhpreviousers sustainably enhance their productiveness Is important in making sure The enlargemalest of agricultural output and stability (Photograph credit scores: @no_one_cares via Unsplash)

Ancompletely different very important step Can be to have the private sector involved in enhancing entry to agritech, education, upskilling, and monetary assist. Apprenticeships, internships, and on-the-job teaching in agriculture might assist increase youth’s engagemalest significantly whereas offering them grounds To decide a profession Inside The sector. 

Serving to smallhpreviousers sustainably enhance their productiveness Is important in making sure The enlargemalest of agricultural output and stability. This requires a multi-pronged strategy that focuses on reducing the degradation of pure assets, incorporating agritech, and linking metropolis and rural progress. Empowering rural Men And ladies by assisting them scale up worth chain enhancemalest might additionally assist them Hook up with markets greater. 

In time durations Of presidency assist, agricultural Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can utilise A selection of particular enterprise loans, Aimed in the direction of assisting MSMEs to acquire the funding they require to launch or increase their initiatives. 

Furtherextra, the nation can increase the Quantity Of womales and womales collaborating in agriculture by enacting gender-responsive insurance coverage policies and budgeting stpricegies. Womales’s Empowermalest Specialist Vigitha Renganathan sassist: “Many ladies in Sri Lanka are engaged in agriculture, but these womales Do not get due recognition. However, currently, many womales and youth have Discover your self to be producers, and are Considering about researching to integprice new utilized sciences for greater harvests and income.” 

She further added, “The eu Union-Funded Enhancing Gender-Inclusive Socio-Economic Developmalest Project (EGSD) that is being implemalested through Oxfam, Save The youthfulsters and Leads in Sri Lanka, has recognized many such farmer-producers, and has assisted them strengthen their capacities To rework their enterprises”.

Many ladies and youth have Discover your self to be producers, and are Considering about researching to integprice new utilized sciences for greater harvests and income

By way of this enterprise, Save The youthfulsters assists rural and property youth in Badulla, Monaragala and Nuwara Eliya districts To reinstrain their livelihoods by promoting expertise teaching and employmalest matched with labour market calls for. That is carried out by linking market-responsive technical and vocational education and teaching (TVET) programmes Referring to seed potato, dairy, cinnamon and cocoa worth chains. 

By growing educated youth looking for employmalest Inside the agriculture sector, the TVET programmes are anticipated to play An important position Inside the revival of the agriculture enterprise and the financial system Inside the three districts. The enterprise particularly targets adolescents who dropped out Of school early and are already of employable age and The huge pool of unemployed youth. 

Simply Simply like the EGSD enterprise, numerous public sector And private sector sponsored initiatives have begun over the years to empower womales and womales in agriculture, particularly these Inside The agricultural communities, creating An important pathMethod To enrich their livelihoods and to diploma their having fun with field in a perceivably male dominant enterprise. 

Pretty A pair of public-private partnerships have contributed To developing assist methods for youthful rural Female and male entrepreneurs and staff Inside the agricultural sector To assist them navigate an growingly convoluted enterprise sphere and excel Inside their endeavours.

As a Outcome of of these ongoing efforts by authoritiesal enterprisees, NGOs and Private Sector Actors, it has Discover your self to be simpler than ever earlier than for youth to enter the agriculture enterprise and To assemble An enduring profession through it.

As broadspread mindsets on agriculture change, extra youth are starting To understand the potential agriculture hpreviouss, and A mannequin new future is being written for the enterprise. While There’s nonetheless An prolonged Method to go to make the agriculture enterprise interesting to The enhancemalesty day youth, Sri Lanka is on The biggest path in the direction ofs ushering Inside The mannequin new Age of Agriculture Which will show useful for its financial system and its residents, with the youth of Sri Lanka main the method. 


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