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Editor’s Notice: The Peninsula Metropolisship Board is holding a particular informational meeting on the winery lawsuit on Wednesday, Oct. 6, 2021, 7 p.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Click on right here for extra particulars and to study the Amended Grievance filed by the Wineries of Previous Mission Peninsula (WOMP)…jb

As quickly as we purchased our farm Inside the late 90s, the earlier proprietor presumed It Might be divided and developed. BeRationalization for a winery partnership, we went the agricultural route with the intent To primarytain it that method For many years. 

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We further acquired one other 15 acres that We now have protectd in agriculture. We purchased that land to qualify for the 40-acre minimal for a farm-based mostly winery. BeRationalization for a worthwhile winery To buy the grapes, We now Have not Needed To assemble our personal winery, Regardless of The very Incontrovertible actuality that we had The biggest. We will witness first-hand how the ordinance allowances for winery chateaus get rid of The want for redundant wineries or farm abandonment.

We furtherly put our primary Smokey Hole farm on the PDR (Purchase of Enchancment Rights) itemizing Greater than a decade in the past. In the final ten years or extra, We now Have not even had a courtesy letter from the Metropolisship Regarding the standing of that software. This provides A strong message Regarding the PDR system. Wineries stored our land and its premium views in agriculture – not PDR, not the Metropolisship.

The beneathside line on our place is that We’re On the age wright here selections Need to be made about The biggest method forward for this land. As a Outcome of it stands, farming Is sensible As sizey as, and solely As sizey as, a healthful winery grape buyr exists. However The very actualitys are:

1. We are taxed closely on this land.

2. Tright here’s not a proof of any proactive strikes by the Metropolisship to cooperate with us on land preservation.

3. We have made overtures to the [Grand Traverse Regional Land] Conservancy that stay to play out.

4. Our land connects to a worthwhile and extreme quality development Which Might Even be simply prolonged to our land.

5. The character of the Previous Mission Peninsula, particularly the Metropolis Board, has modified from an agriculturally conscious board to the equal of a tpersonalship-broad HOA. This makes farming a riskier enterprise since we can’t rely on support for the markets We’d like.

Metropolis Board rejection of this settlement of factors with the wineries Can be the strongest “name the developer” message we can think about.  

The divisive politics on this problem are unhappy. An monumental however shrinking An factor of this Peninsula Continues to be agricultural BeRationalization for wineries, not political movement teams appearing like subdivision HOAs.

Also, this advertising campaign of misinformation Similar to referencing farmers wanting problems like hospitality rights misses the mark. These farmers could have a B & B anytime They want beneath The current ordinance. Anyone who thinks hospitality is a gold mine ought to go for it. 

Also, Who’s Responsible for the visitors? Mission Level Lighthouse is arguably In all probability the Most very important single draw of visitors to The complete size of this Metropolisship. That attrmovement has been improved and marketed enterprisely by the Metropolisship. Not solely is the Lighthouse a principal Rationalization for visitors, however the Metropolisship is working a enterprise vacationer enterprise promoting stuff not sourced from the Peninsula.

When it Includes defending the Peninsula, the wineries are very reliable to the set off. Wineries protect land, save PDR dollars, make jobs for residents, and pay a ton of taxes.

– Jim and Fran Krupka

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